Do’s & Don’ts

·        Don’t give out your business card- get theirs

·        Don’t sit with people you know!!!

·        Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want

·        Do write a personal note to all you meet

·        Do be business-like

·        Do call members in your network for “no reason”

·        Don’t expect an immediate result

·        Do offer your help generously

·        Do report back to those who give you a lead

·        Don’t pass up any opportunities to network

·        Do- ASK for the business

·        Do ask about themselves, use FORD

·        Do say THANK YOU

·        Do listen thoughtfully

·        Do send a weekly or monthly email or note

·        Do position yourself as an expert in your field

·        Do keep in personal touch with your most valued people

·        Do send Thanksgiving cards, instead of Holiday cards

                                                                                                            Copyright 2008 / 2009 Susan Senger

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